A Top For Every Moment With W For Woman

A change in season demands a change in wardrobe, so why not make it stylish? The rains bring with them a wonderful chill in the air and a fresh new start for the environment. Let your closet feel the breath of fresh air, too!
Shopping for the latest designs in tops can be the perfect excuse for you to add some colour, pattern and fun vibes to your collection, and guess what? We've got the perfect choices for you!

How Do I Style Long Tops?

On a general level, women's tops tend to be a little on the longer side, which works for those looking to combine sophistication with a little bit of jazz. But the most commonly asked question is, how does one style them? Long tops look absolutely great with a slim-fit trouser that makes it perfect for work wear. Alternatively, you could style it up with some good old leggings or even with a voluptuous salwar. These days however, you can also try out a well-fitting palazzo under a long top to make yourself appear taller and shapelier.

How Do I Wear A Crop Top?

Crop tops are definitely a trend that is here to stay, and one of the most versatile of all. A crop top is traditionally styled with high-waisted jeans, but now that we're growing more comfortable with them, there are all sorts of different combinations out there. A popular one is combining a snazzy salwar with a crop top for that indie look. You could also switch it up with a long skirt to accentuate those legs and make yourself look a tad taller.

What Do I Wear With A Printed Top?

Generally, a printed top is worn with a bottom that is plain in colour. So, you could go the same route by pairing a singular, coloured bottom with a bright, printed top. Alternatively, you could accentuate the designs on a printed top by wearing a bottom that is similar in pattern. For example, you could accentuate a top with polka dots by wearing a pair of bottoms that have a similar design on them. This way, you could be elegant yet vibrant with your prints and outfits.

What Would A Kurta Top Look Good With?

A kurta, like the long top, is an ideal top to wear with practically anything. Pair it up with a salwar to stick to the classic salwar-kurta combination, add leggings to the mix to make your outfit look a little bit more modern (while sticking to Indian traditional), or you could even make your outfit modern by adding a cool pair of jeans and dupatta! A kurta is also quite versatile to wear, so it provides a lot of space for you to experiment with styles, col ours and patterns.

How Do I Style Designer Tops?

Styling designer tops need not intimidate you, since tops usually come with a coordinating bottom as well. You could choose a colour that isn't very prominent on your designer top and enhance it by wearing bottoms of the same colour - that way, you add a wonderful contrast to your outfit while successfully complementing the design work on your top as well.
We hope we've helped solve some of your questions when it comes to styling a top! If you're looking for a particular cut, design or fit, we at W have exactly what you need. However, if you're looking to experiment with your style and maybe do a complete makeover of your fashion vibe, W has some wonderfully coloured, vivid and eye-catching designs waiting for you. We've got so many dynamic options, we're sure you'll be spoilt for choice!