How To Style Your Outfit With Palazzo Pants

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A kurta-and-palazzo combination is one of the most popular pairings out there today, with people loving the fit of a kurta with the comfort of the palazzo. However, styling a palazzo with the right kind of kurta, the right fit and the design is still something that fashion forward folks struggle with. Well, not to worry, because W is here to help you style your favourite pair of palazzos with the right kind of top wear.

What Is A Palazzo?

Palazzo pants are a kind of bottom wear that used to be quite popular in the 40s era of fashion. Now, they've made a comeback with different styles, designs, cuts and colours to suit our tastes today. A typical palazzo is a straight-cut, loose pant with a flared bottom; these days though, straight-cut palazzos are just as common as flared ones. Palazzos can be worn as a casual outfit for simply hanging out with your loved ones, as a part of a kurta-and-palazzo set for events and occasions, or also as a semi-formal bottom wear with formals.

Which Body Types Will A Palazzo Suit?

Since palazzos don't depend on the size or the height of the person in order to fit well, a pair of palazzos will suit any body type. A palazzo enhances the height of the person wearing them, and adds a slimming touch to the body.

Styling A Palazzo For The Plus-Size Body Type

While wearing a palazzo may seem daunting for those with a curvaceous body, with the right styling, a palazzo can do wonders for your body type. It's ideal to stick to a palazzo that is A-line in design, which means it's narrow and well-fitted at the waist and flared at the bottom. This type of design will balance your body shape with the flow of the palazzo.

Do Palazzos Come In Different Patterns?

Palazzos can come in all kinds of designs - from plain and coloured to ones with pretty patterns and textures. The styling mostly depends on the kind of outfit that you're looking for. Often, an outfit for daily-wear would involve a palazzo with a basic, single coloured design. Sometimes, if you're looking for a twist to your look, or need to dress up for events and/or meetings, it's a good idea to add a bit of jazz to your regular kurti by pairing it with a printed, patterned palazzo.

Using A Plain Black Or White Palazzo

Since the most preferred colours for everyday wear are black and white, pairing a black palazzo with a brightly coloured or patterned kurta can make a casual look go from good to great. Similarly, a darker coloured kurta with a white palazzo for contrast can add a nice touch of sophistication yet fun.

How Do You Style A Palazzo?

Styling palazzos is incredibly easy - everyone from a style rookie to a fashion addict can style an outfit with a palazzo. But before choosing the right palazzo, you need to figure out the look you're going for.

With A Regular Kurti

If you want to keep your look classic and minimal, pairing a single coloured kurti with a palazzo that is in contrast with the kurti can work wonders. For example, if you're going to wear a dark coloured kurti, you can add a white coloured palazzo under it to match. Similarly, a bright coloured kurti can work well with a palazzo that is ideally of a darker colour, like blue or black.

With Western Tops

Yes, you can wear a palazzo with a pretty top, too! Palazzos are incredibly versatile to wear, and are one of rare pieces of clothing that go well with almost anything. So, how do you wear a top with a palazzo?

It's all about balance: if you're going to wear a top that is short, like a crop top for example, then you should choose a palazzo that is high-waisted. This way, the crop top will accentuate your torso whereas the palazzo will lengthen your height.
If you're going to wear a top that is waist-length, like a tunic, then a straight-cut palazzo will work in sync with your top wear. This way, the size of the top and the palazzo will balance your outfit perfectly.

With Formal Shirts

Believe it or not, a palazzo can be worn with a formal, button-up shirt as well. Simply choose a shirt that is well-fitted, and add a flowy, flared palazzo under it. There you have it, you just made an outfit that is both serious and fun!

With Occasion wear

Palazzos with kurtas are already a buzzing trend, and so are palazzos for occasion wear. Elegant, fancy kurtas are often paired with palazzos that are just as chic to make a complete set. At such times, the kurta is usually of a longer length - mostly down till the calves, with palazzos that are either flared or straight-cut. If the kurta has a flare to it, then the palazzo will usually have a straighter fit. Alternatively, if the kurta is straight fit, then the palazzo will add a twist to it by having a flared texture. This way, palazzos and top wear work in harmony with each other, adding texture and flow wherever needed.

We hope we helped you in your search for the perfect palazzo. W's collection of palazzos is both exquisite, yet wearable for everyday. Go ahead, have a look!